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  Collison Cut Flowers


A family run business

J.A. Collison & Sons is a family run business supplying seasonal cut flowers to the UK multiple retailers. We supply large quantities of several different crops throughout the year making us one of the largest cut flower growers in the country. Each year we produce in excess of 32 million stems of cut flowers under 6 hectares of glass and polythene tunnels. The majority of these stems are packed on farm ready for dispatch directly in to the retail supply chain. We are proud to produce high quality seasonal British flowers and we work closely with our customers to deliver the freshest and best value product to the end consumer. We work in an ethically sound and environmentally responsible manner, sustainability is central to everything we do on the farm. more

A strong and capable team

We are very lucky to have built a strong and capable team of staff around us over the years. We now supply flowers 52 weeks a year so we need a reliable team of regular staff in order to fulfil these orders. We also employ a number of seasonal workers, especially during the summer season when production is at its peak. Staff numbers usually reach their maximum in March for Mothers Day and agin in August when we are in full production with asters and lilies, and we usually reach around 65-70 people at this time. more


Three generations of flower production

The Collison family have been producing cut flowers in West Norfolk for three generations. Tuxhill Farm was purchased in 1966 by Bryan and June (J.A.) Collison and it has been the centre of the business since then. The Farm was originally run as a traditional market garden producing many seasonal crops including fruit, salads and flowers for wholesale. Flowers were always an important part of the rotation and gradually grew to become the mainstay of the business. more

32 million stems of cut flowers every year

We produce in the region of 32 million stems of cut flowers every year. We grow seasonal flowers but our crop rotation means that we are cropping 12 months a year. The crops we produce are: Tulips - Tulips are a massively popular product, and we have been growing them for many years. Recent years have seen major improvements in tulip production technology, and this has fed through to a much larger percentage of tulips sold in the UK being produced here rather than overseas. more





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